2025 Group Cruise

Due to circumstances beyond our control we will not be attending the Paul and Carole Group Cruise 2025, but stay tuned we have something even more glamourous planned!

Sun’s out, fun’s out: Summer has arrived in Lackawanna County!

LACKAWANNA COUNTY HERITAGE FAIR JUNE 1 – 4, 2023 •  MONTAGE MOUNTAIN RESORTS The Lackawanna County Heritage Fair celebrates the history and cultures that make up our collective community. Taste our delicious traditional cuisine, learn our history, experience our heritage, and enjoy amusement rides, games, live music, entertainment, and fireworks! Held at Montage Mountain Resorts, the one-price admission fee […]

Rest Easy Bruce

Today is an incredibly difficult day as the individual who assisted me in crafting the lyrics for my song, “Effort Never Dies,” has tragically departed from this world. May Bruce Rudy VanWhitbeck rest in peace, as his unwavering dedication to this project will forever be remembered. When the time comes for me to perform this […]

Welcome to Dry Drinker Diaries

The Dry Drinker Diaries offers a captivating collection of evaluations for non-alcoholic beers, mocktails, and related beverages. Lucia, who has been sober for 22 months, is starting a series of reviews on non-alcoholic beers for individuals in recovery or those seeking an alcohol-free substitute. Dry Drinker Diaries offer a plethora of options for your enjoyment. […]